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Design for Success

If you need a complete and effective web design solution for your internet marketing needs, please consider my services. I offer a one-stop service that covers all the necessary requirements for successful design: Graphics, Photography, Video, Copy Development, Usability, Accessibility, Search Engines and Online Marketing. I also train and develop in the best client-managed systems so you can take over once your site is up and I'm always available to help you along. I'll be glad to personally sit down with you and help you develop a site strategy- that important first step that's all too often overlooked. My services include access to consultants with years of marketing background for some of America's largest corporations. I have many photos of the area that you can draw upon to create your 'look' and of course I can shoot new material to suit your specific needs.


As a photographer, I was enthralled by the incredible mountain views around Joseph Oregon and to an equal extent, the beauty of Wallowa County in general. Although you can't compare being here to any photo, I offer panoramic mountain pictures that catch the sweeping views of the Wallowa Mountains, Eagle Cap Wilderness and Wallowa Lake. These prints as well as the more traditional shaped Joseph Oregon Prints represent just some of my work. I also do on-site architectural HDR photography using a special rectilinear wide angle lens for the Real Estate trade. Additionally, I produce and host 360 spherical VR Tours that are about as close to 'being there' as you can get.

If you want to see more panoramas and get a better feel for the area, head over to josephoregon.com. There you'll also find a wealth of additional information about Joseph.

Computers and Training

I offer a variety of services to help you get the most out of your machine. From training to repairs, the no-nonsense, practical, get-the-job done is my specialty. I'll help you make good decisions when faced with the complex choices that owning a computer involves. I've been building practical performance machines since 1995 and keep current on the latest technologies and operating systems and software (yea, I'm a geek). I repair laptops, tablets, a few TV's and android phones too.

If you live in the Joseph Oregon area you will find my close location to be far more convenient than trying to deal electronically with some far-away company..